Pets from the past to the present

We all love our pets, but what about the pets the have left us. It isn't until they die you realize you never got enough pictures of them. Past and present.

Holly, my mother's dog. She died around summer due to old age.
Snow one of my cats. She may look like an angel, but she's part devil.
My dog Katie, she loves to sleep.
Shadow; We didn't know how big our house would be when we moved up from Georgia, so we gave him away.
The only picture of Chloe. She had an abusive owner, she was real skittish; We had to give her away the same reason as Shadow.
Jack Jack, this is one of two missing photos. My Papa accidentally let him, out when looking at our Easter decorations.
My grandmothers dog Mimi; We had to give her away, same reason as Chloe and Shadow.
My dog Lily; She died during the spring.
The one with beige patches is Ella, the one that is dark colored is Stella. Stella is the mother and Ella is the baby, otherwise known as momma cat and baby cat.
My momma's dog Isabella, she and Holly were inseparable. She died in the summer of 2010 due to a rare disease.
My Nana and her dog Mia; My dog Katie and I.
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Virginia Large

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