Custom Pool Side Shade By l&J Awnings & shade structures

Creating a comfortable outdoor seating space for your pool area is crucial to making it a desire able spot for your guests and residents. Their are multiple great solutions to creating shade in which we are going to cover in this article.


These types of shade structures provide you with precise coverage and move ability. They are easy to store and easy to maintain. You can use these shade structures to easily create varying covering layouts of you pool side area for your guests.

Freestanding Pergolas with Slide Wire Shade

These type of shade structures are good for creating a perminent shaded area that looks modern and provides ample shade for your guests and create a cozy area for your guests to relax under espically with the slide wire shading that can be retracted and extended across the span of the shade when needed.

Shade Sails

Shade Sails are a great solution for covering awkward spaces and can be erected and installed on many different types of structures. You can combine shade sails with a flat rectangular frame similar tocthe shaped of a pergola or install them on posts or even a combination of posts, custom framing and nearby building wall.

Pricing Guide

Custom Shade Sails on Poles

Between $7-$12 per Sqft per Sail (Not Including Permitting)


Between $17-$20 per Sqft (Not Including Permitting)


Between $10 - $15 Per Sqft of Coverage (No Permit Needed, Installation Optional but Not Included in Estimated Sqft Price)

Custom Flat Pergolas or Combo With Shade Sails

Between $18 - $25 per Sqft of Coverage(Not Including Permitting and Installation)

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Jose Ortiz