The Cosmic Way A Surviving Creator

Creating is a natural way of life for us all whether we know it or not. For some of us, it becomes our religion, a ritual, what we live by and what we need to sustain ourselves.

It’s not always easy to access this part of yourself. In this world, especially, when almost everything and everyone seems to be driven by greed and money. Most of us are just playing our part in the rat race, trying to SURVIVE.

One very basic but huge part of survival is creativity. The ability to create a way out of no way. The courage to create opportunities for yourself and your loved ones. The strength to create the energy to pull yourself out of what can sometimes seem like the end.

I hope to create art for those of us who have survived, for those of us who can find the space to laugh in a sometimes cold world...most importantly those of us who look for the colors in an otherwise black & white world.

Please, enjoy.