Mrs. Jones By: Brooke Staten

Mentor Information- Name: Mrs. Jones Building, Grade Level, Content Area: TJHS, 7th Grade Art

Nature of the job- What are the major tasks of your position? Lesson planning, teaching/grading, and classroom management.

What other staff members do you consult to help with reaching your students? Administration, counselors, and intervention support.

How are you required to adhere to state or national education-related policies? Mrs. Jones follows the Ohio art standards/ includes in SLO, as well as lesson planning.

Education and Skills Required: What personal qualities and/or skills are necessary to be successful in your position? Mrs. Jones says that you have to be able to know the subject and that students are different so the learning styles are different. Have to problem solve, and also care for the students.

What interpersonal skills do you find most important? Why? Honesty, straightforward, and relating with others.

What do you wish you knew about teaching before you entered the profession? The unrealistic demands from state legislature that take away from educating.

How does a person in your position become licensed? Teaching degree, resident educator program.

Working Conditions and Benefits: What is your greatest satisfaction as a teacher? Reaching students and seeing their creativity.

If you could, what would you change about your job? Mandate more parental responsibility for student success rather than it being all on the teachers.


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