Greenville Drive Sponsorship Activation LIZZIE Beane, charley long, mary-louise pawlowski, david sullivan, molly wike

Project Overview

1. Approach

We used a qualitative phenomenological approach for our research study where interviewed our participants

2. Previous Research & Literature

3. Project Goals

  • Gain insight into new & non-traditional sponsorship activations
  • Understand what qualifies as a "successful" sponsorship activation
  • Aim to provide cutting-edge ideas for sponsorship activations

4. How it will aid client



Sports organizations, both major and minor league. Not limited to baseball only, but also including hockey organizations.


Originally, we planned to gain an understanding of the importance of sponsorship activation by conducting interviews with sport organization marketing/sponsorship activation directors through email and over the phone. Once responses were received via e-mail, we planned to reach out over the phone using scripts for follow up interviews on an as-needed basis. These phone conversations were to be audio-record and transcribed by each group member, allowing the data to be collected by using pseudonyms, so that no individual identifiers could be associated with any of the participants.

Adjustments to Study:

Upon a mid-point progress meeting with our client; over the phone, in-person, and follow-up interviews were eliminated from our study as more interest was expressed in email responses that (1) define sponsorship engagement and determine how activations are perceived internally by an organization and (2), discover the programs which organizations implement in order to attract fans and successfully promote sponsors.

Research Questions:

  • Who is your biggest/most effective sponsor?
  • How do you incorporate this sponsor in your sporting events?
  • Does sponsorship engagement affect the success of your sports organization?


Organization A

Naming rights to the stadium

-Name recognition & publicity at events

-Kiosks & smartphone interaction with guests

Organization B

-Rights to roof logo

-Space on radio broadcasts

-20 signs/billboards & suite on-site

-Players have top sponsor's logo on helmet

Organization C

-Social media & website content branding

-"Activation Zone" where fans can browse new technology, create virtual bobbleheads, & view sports video content

-Largest sign activation is located next to scoreboard in addition to on-site Company Club Suite

-Top sponsors receive in-game scoreboard promotion; one feature between each inning

Organization D

-Partnered with local grocery store chain (10 locations statewide)

-Activation advertised through radio, video board graphics, and print ads



  • Name Recognition
  • Implementation of Technology
  • Guest Experience

What did our findings reveal?

Limitations and Future Research

Limiting factors of the study

Time of year

Contact Information

Goal of study

In the future...

Budget for study

Industry contacts availability

Redesign study

In Conclusion...

Our goal: We wanted to gain insight on the most effective and successful sponsorship activation in Minor and Major League sports in order to provide fresh ideas and programs for the Greenville Drive

We received valuable information on sponsorship activation from two Minor League teams and two Major League teams

  • The organizations told us about their biggest and most effective sponsors
  • They told us how they incorporate their sponsors in their sporting events
  • They told us how sponsorship engagement affects the success of their organization

Altering our study to help the Greenville Drive achieve greater results

  1. Changing the time in which the study was conducted to before or after the baseball season
  2. Narrowing the score of who the Drive would have liked more information from
  3. Communicating better on how to best ask for classified sponsorship information from organizations


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