Being a Teenager is Hard By: mel

Being a teenager can be very hard. Everything in teenagers is changing physically and emotionally, no matter how complicated your adult life may be at work or in the community it doesn't compare to the life of a teen. Cody Andrews, an author once said "We get told to grow up one minute and act like adults, then when we do, we're told to act our age and enjoy being young."

It was March 13, 2017 during PE class, students were roaming around the field whilst some actually played softball and others were just talking about something unrelated to the class. A new 8th grader was struggling to fit in at school as well as in the PE softball team. This student was very introverted and was constantly afraid of talking to others.

His heart was pounding fast. People simply didn't care about him and just pretended that he didn't exist. Some students were rude to him, trying to get at his front and shouting out "What are you doing here?", "Get out of here.", "You're not even my friend."

First, he asked some people if he could join their group but the students pretended not to listen. He just tried to be discrete and enter the group silently so that nobody noticed. Finally, he went to the teacher and asked her to choose a team for him. Even after that, he felt unwelcome.

After a few classes of softball, his teammates finally opened their eyes and saw that the new kid was actually very nice. People should know that even if someone looks weird at first you shouldn't judge them. Fortunately, people learn to be less judgemental by curing their selfish minds and being nice to others for a change.

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