eTwinning project

eTwinning project Discuss this is an international project designed to create a safe nonformal platform where students would be able to discuss common topics of education, health, sports, arts and traditions of their country with their peers from other countries. Its aims were to practice and perfect proficiency in English, develop critical thinking, creativity and communication skills as well as as students' digital competence.

We started this project in September 2020 with our partner schools from Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine.

The first order of business was to introduce ourselves to other partners. This is how Paula and Lana did it:

Unfortunately, when it was time to work on the logo, we ended up online due to the covid-19 pandemic. So we decided to start with a blank picture which was then passed among the students with each student adding an element. So this is what we came up with. Although another team won the logo contest, we are pretty happy with ours too.

The first topic we discussed was education. Students made a mind map about the Croatian school system.

Then they had to explore another country's school system and make a quiz about it.

Finally, students participated in an online Zoom meeting where they discussed their dream schools.

For the second topic of Health, students had to explore and present the health system of Romania which they did by making an infographic in Canva.

Then students were assigned a health problem which they had to make into a comic using Pixton which they quite enjoyed.

Pixton comics

The third topic was to present and discuss artists and sportspersons of our country. Students had two online Zoom meeting with students from Poland and Turkey where they discussed famous artists and athletes.

Students in a Zoom meeting with students from Poland

Students made notes while they were listening to the presentations of their partner schools in order to be able to work in the common book and make their pages.

The last topic to discuss was traditions of our country. Students made videos on a safe platform Flipgrid and shared them with students from other partner schools. This is a mixtape of students' responses.

Students worked on another common book about the traditions and learned about a lot of interesting and beautiful traditions from other countries. Here's the book on Traditions.

As part of the project, students worked on a lot of other activities observing important events such as European Day of Languages...

... eTwinning Day...

...or a common poem written on Twinmail and presented in Canva.

As the final product students helped creating a common board game about all of the topics discussed in Flippity net.

Students participated in pre and post surveys about the project which show that the aims of the project were completely fulfilled. They overcame their fear of speaking in English to students from other countries which helped develop their communication skills, they collaborated in international teams, they worked in a lot of different web 2.0 tools and they expressed their ideas most creatively.

The etwinning team
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Anita Damjanović