Jacob Lewis I already know how to do this

If an e-portfolio was actually relevant in the field I was going into, I would be working on this hard and finding appropriate pictures and more. But it's not. I do this because requirements are requirements. So here's some fun stuff.

Seriously, it's not. I've done informational interviews with multiple people in the banking field and they all agreed that, while an interesting thing, experience, demeanor, and letters of recommendation were by far more important. Heck, my 'service learning' of Junior Achievement is more relevant.

So this is a series of images showing my construction of a costume prop from scratch with zero experience. Teaching myself the fabrication process as I went along.

Part of the problem is that I don't really have artifacts / materials that directly relate to my desired field. Partially because those kinds of things are actually hard to come by and require experience in the field to have.

Another is that my hobbies and fun-time activities, while they demonstrate an ability to learn and teach myself, aren't really relevant to a banking or business / economics focused job.

Side note, this was the third most complex part of this build, figuring out how to drill holes through a round tube as well as anchor the LED strip properly.

The second most complex part was, surprisingly, attaching the two heads of the ax to the main body, as the ax heads are thinner than the metal. But there's no way to connect them from behind due to the lack of space between the housing and the central tube.

Kinda wish I'd had more progress photos. Because this skipped over about a dozen hours of shaping with about three different kinds of tools.

I don't have any problems with e-portfolios. It's just that they're not relevant to my chosen field.

By the way, I taught myself how to make this over the course of... well, the course. And not including the tools used, took about $60 in raw materials.

But in complete seriousness.

If I was actually doing an e-portfolio, it wouldn't use adobe spark.

It'd be a central page with a picture of myself in a suit, likely sitting on a chair in a relatively neutral setting with some nerdy paraphenalia about me. Each item would be a button that leads to an adobe spark page (or something similar) that shows the process of teaching myself how to make it, the process I took in teaching people about the item, or analysis into a work of fiction and how it relates to human interaction.

The lower half of the screen would lead to the 'about me' section. Mousing over it would bring up the options of a resume, a brief biography, and an explanation of the page.

The focus would be on my ability to teach myself new skills, as well as to teach others and communicate effectively through multiple forms of media, written and verbal.

If e-portfolios were useful in my intended fields. Which I was told my multiple people in the field who have control of the hiring decisions that no, they aren't, not at the entry levels.

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