Eternal Blossoming Retreat 2018 August 16th-19th In Sunny valley, OR

A 4-day journey centered around the elements; Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

You bring the spirit!

We come to surrender to all the pieces of our experience, to release in order to re-birth ourselves from the roots of Mother Earth up to the highest potential of our being. We come to connect; to ourselves, to one another, to the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, and the elements that hold and create us. We come to shed, to make room for our highest bliss to enter us. We gather to allow our hearts to open and our minds to clear; for us to soften into a present, vital, pure state so that we can receive all we have come to experience on this Earth.

* Please inform us with any dietary restrictions. Meals will be Gluten Free and Vegan.

Open and expand to the elements and your deep connection to the healer inside of you! Come together in sisterhood and create relationships that will last a lifetime.

Partake in yoni steaming and cocoa ceremonies that will help to remove blocks in the the heart and energetic body, expand your knowledge of flowers and herbs, and connect you to your personal self care. This retreat align you with Practices, Ceremonies and Rituals for honoring Your body, the elements and the divine feminine within!

Feast like queens as we serve you meals prepared with love and positive energy. Enjoy nourishing, fresh food prepared with organic fruits and vegetables and plant based proteins. Tea and water will be available with every meal. This is a coffee free retreat as we are focusing on cleansing the body of any unnecessary stimulants so that you can focus on self-care and optimal wellness. The food served on this retreat will be gluten free, vegan and organic. We are opening to making any accommodations needed, so please don’t hesitate to ask.
Inspired by our mere invitation to live this experience, Jules works with our innate connection to Mother Earth to bring people back to their true nature. After finishing her counseling degree at the University of New Hampshire in 2012, Jules lived with indigenous communities for the majority of her 20's; blossoming her calling as a medium for self-discovery through nature based practices and aiding in the development of permaculture farms. Jules works as a counselor, herbalist, and energy healer. She became a certified Reiki Master in 2012, and worked at Camp Augusta, a re-wilding camp for teens."For me, the biggest gift has been to live among those who have not forgotten their old ways; to be able to feel and to re-learn the wisdom in the wind and the power in a rising sun. Native Peoples teach us that there are other ways of interacting with the world and one another; through creativity, love, and stillness. At our core, we are all the same." Jules works with people to connect their hearts and deepest truths with their words, expression, and lifestyle. She guides in re-patterning the mind by providing practices for diving into the shadow, releasing what doesn't serve and creating an eternal connection to love and truth. Jules is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor, received her Permaculture Design Certificate in 2014, and is currently enrolled in Sajah Popam's School of Evolutionary Herbalism. In her free time, you can find Jules singing to the nature devas, wildcrafting local medicines, and dancing under the moon with her closest friends.
C.J. Thomas is an integrative facilitator, teacher and founder of life by the moon yoga. She is also a certified warrior goddess training facilitator, and has studied under author HeatherAsh Amara, Ashland yoga teacher Krista Holland, and Ashland Red Tent Priestess Laura Carmody. She is best known for the support she offers in the Ashland community through offering accessible yoga classes and facilitating the Community Consent Circle at the Jackson Wellsprings. She has also held space for sister circles around elemental ritual, offers workshops on energetic healing, and teaches yoga weekly. Through her studies of the moon cycle, Ayurveda, yoga, consent, women’s empowerment practices, and elemental ritual she has combined her knowledge to create an abundant toolkit for people to use that allows them to tap into the healer that lies within. She has her 200-hr Hatha Yoga Certification and is registered with the yoga alliance. Her passion is to inspire health wealth and radical self-empowerment in all who seek to find it. (photo credit to Lindsey Bolling)

August 16th-19th in Sunny Valley, Wolf Creek, Oregon

(Photos of the Land)

Registration fee is $500

14 Spaces Available which include 2 scholarships and 1 work trade position!

E-mail wildheartmedicines@gmail.com with any questions.

Enjoy an experience of self-love, Sisterhood and Transformation!

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