Red Pandas By Palm Sawangrut

Red Pandas.

Red Pandas (Ailurus Fulgens)Don't really look like Giant Pandas. They look more like raccoons than pandas. They can grow to an average size of a house cat and their fluffy tail adds 18 more inches. The Red Pandas live in the same place as the giant Pandas. They have a base life span of 8 years in the wild. They live in the rainy mountains of nepal. Northern Myanmar, and China. Red Pandas, compared to giant pandas are a lot smaller and lighter

What do Red Pandas eat? Red Pandas eat mostly bamboo, 85-95% of their diet is bamboo. When there is no bamboo, the red pandas eat other things like fruits, berries, insects, and mice are all favorite foods. These animals are called Omnivores. Omnivores are anything that eat both plants and meat. Racoons and some humans are omnivores too.

Are Red Pandas Endangered? Visit to find out more but, yes. They are endangered. Why? We are cutting down trees and killing the Red Pandas’ food! Why should we not do that? First, we are destroying their food and their food is some of other animals’ food too! Second we are making them more endangered and making other animals endangered too! Lastly, some things that Red Panda eats we eat too! So we are also killing ourselves too!

How can we save Red Pandas?

The Population of Red Pandas is decreasing and how can we help them? Some zoos take care and breeding them. You can help them by doing the same thing too. If we want to save red pandas, or even ourselves, we have to stop cutting down trees for fun! Remember. The World Does Not Belong To Us Humans Only. It Belongs To Everything, Every Animal, Every Person, Every Creature. So we should save every animal from extinction! -Palm Sawangrut

Glossary: Endangered: A species that is close to extinction. People can still save them, though. Population: How Popular or how much something is. Decreasing: Going down, lesser and lesser, the opposite of increasing Increasing: Going up, more and more, the opposite of Decreasing. Breeding: When a male animal mates with a female animal.


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