Going Bovine Chapters 6-8 washington ,mendoza

Cameron is in a hurry to get to bed. His mother don't want him to go to sleep because she told his father that he would mow the lawn. He has a hang over not a normal one though. His dad is at tennis. Cameron's mother lets him back to sleep. He wakes up with only eleven to fifteen minutes to get to work. he had to beg his mother to use the car. he runs into his father (he still didn't cut the grass). then he get to work. they have a attitude with him for being late. then some of his sisters friends come in and he didn't want to take there order . he asked his co work to take there order she said no. he begged but she still said no.the girls gave hem a hard time because of where he work and his social states in school witch resulted in hem to be weak in the hands witch made hem spill smooths all over one of the girls and resulted in hem loosing his job right then and there.when he makes it home his father wont's the family to have dinner as one his family is not what u call a put to gather one . they have no communication..... this sister has already made plans and they let her pass but make hem go to the dinner ..witch he said was like

it would not let me add my vido or even make it

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