Awesome Mont Blanc By Peyton Rose Zuckerberg

The sumit of Mont Blanc is a sparkly and white dome that fills the sky

Mont Blanc is in France, Europe and that's also where the convenient center is too........ But the nearest major airport is in Geneva, Switzerland

Mont Blanc sits in the heart of the Alps, being the biggest mountain there

The elevation in feet of Mont Blanc is 15,711, just for the mountain, and in meters it is 4,807

Mont Blanc is ascended by a number of routes.........But this mountain has 2 main routes. One is easy and one is hard

Although Mont Blanc has only two main routes one of them is very dangerous and over 1,000 people have died on that route

The first people to climb Mont Blanc successfully are Michel-Gabriel Paccard and Jacques Balmat

Could you find fresh produce on the mountain? Well it's something you can't just find anywhere so I don't know if it has fresh produce on the mountain.

Theses are some pictures of the mountain in black in white, winter and summer. In the last picture it shows the Alps.

I hope you Thought mont blanc was as awesome as i think it is!



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