The Power of Feedback Observing Lessons, Learning from Peers

According to Grant Wiggins in Sept. 2012's Educational Leadership, educational feedback should be:



* availability of class materials and evidence of regular classroom and literacy-building routines

*high level of expectation for engagement, involvement, collaboration, and well-constructed arguments regarding text/analysis

To build on further: consider additional student-driven options for materials and product development but with clearer verbal objectives/directives for the work product, possibly consider availability of hard copy of written/group tasks for those with vision/hearing/access issues in the classroom.

Opportunities for Growth

scope and complexity of content compared to objective -- including board work versus desk work, "objective summary" v. "themes," and differentiation available for those who struggle with comprehension, language, or accessibility

clarity of tasks and expectations for participation -- including connection between tasks, product, and objective (and essential question)

Considerations for improvement include: manipulative options and usage v. immediate student access to creative materials, transferring text on board to a handout, demonstration of products or expected outcomes via document camera or other demo options, increase wait time or repetition of items to accommodate struggling or disconnected students, re-connection back to objective AND essential question prior to product development and student "sharing"

Photo credit: University of Saskatchewan via / CC BY-NC-SA
"To really give our kids the best chance to flourish, we have to teach them how to think, lead, innovate, and contribute....we owe kids better lessons so that they may forge good lives--equipped to be engaged, stimulated, complete human beings."

Linda Weinman inĀ Beyond MeasureĀ by Vicki Abeles


Created and presented by Molly Adams, Ennis ISD, 3/21/17.

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