My Good life Tour of The Harn Margaret Desrosiers

Medium of the Art / technique of the artist: The mask depicted in the image above is the "Horizontal Mask (korubla),"it was something that seeing it in person made me appreciate the artwork so much more.The horizontal mask is a sculpture piece so being able to sees it from all different angles in person allowed me to see details that I wouldn't have been able to see through a picture. The mask was used in a ritual activity as a way to separate the corpse form its life force. Seeing this piece in person allowed me to see the Korubla aspects of the mask, the different animals incorporated into the masks design. This artwork caught my eye through its unusualness and when I moved closer I was able to see the intricacy of the piece. After reading the plaque I looked for the aspects described to try and better understand the piece. The artists technique accentuated the materials used and revealed the power that nature and animals had in this culture.
Design of the museum: I found this particular room to be very beautiful and thought that the way it opened up the space made it one of the nicest rooms in the Harn. The room was wood with large windows that opened up into a pond and green space. The use of natural light allowed me to see the shadows and details of the art. The art was nicely spaced out and the pieces were positioned in such a way that the smaller pieces were being illuminated by the natural light pouring in through the windows. I really appreciated the design of the room and when I entered it I felt happy and refreshed by the natural feeling it provided.
Art and Core Values: This artwork titled "Funeral" shows a basic human experience that most people will attend at some point in their life. This painting evokes a feeling of loss. Being a person who has attended a funeral this painting was able to evoke the feeling again. I especially related to the fact that the faces of these people weren't depicted. Everyone is the same in the wake of loss and the lack of the faces allowed me to appreciate the meaning of the artwork more. Loss is all encompassing.
Art and The Good Life:The title of the artwork is called "I Am Not A Persian Carpet #2." The good life theme of owning is depicted in this photograph. Women in many cultures have "been reduced to commodities." The stamp of the Persian carpet design on her bare skin is powerful and really makes you question the treatment of women. Being a women I know about a lot of hardships that women face, but personally I am not as marginalized as many other women are. Showing your bare skin is considered taboo in the East and women aren't given the same rights their male counterparts are. This woman stood up for herself and other women and standing up for yourself and others in an important way to attain the good life.

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