We need to stop bullying My name is Alexis and i am 13 years old

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Jacob sartorius was bullied too

My story:

I was bully's so bad and the worst year was in 5th grade every day there were people on the bus that were really rude to me and it just got so bad that I came home crying ever day Most days I didn't won't go to school anymore my mom tried everything she could to stop the kids from bullying me and nothing worked a few months later my dad died and it just got really hard for me so hard for me that I had to get a counselor that kinda helped but not enough but one day I came across somthing on YouTube that had Jacob sartorius on it he was so encouraging that I actually wonted to go to school everyday because he told all his fans that we were beautiful and other nice stuff and it just really helped me so much so I wonted to help other people and that's why I am making this.

Stand up to bullies and try to stop them please plus the last picture is of what Jacob sartorius posted but it's so true most people won't repost it but I would and you should to

Plz help me help you stop bullying


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