The Mystery behind the Greek Goddesses Persephone and Demeter

About Persephone and what happened to her life.Persephone ,Latin Proserpina , or Proserpine in Greek religion, daughter of Zeus , the chiefs gods,and Demeter , the goddess of agriculture.
They have a big impact on their society because the people thought that they made the plants and crops grow during the spring , summer , apart of the fall and then winter the plants and crops that they harvested die.

The people in their society call Demeter the Earth Mother , the Grain Mother because she help grow the crops and plants and Persephone would harvested those plants and crops.

Hades saw Persephone and fell in love with her at first sight.But Hades kidnapped Persephone.Persephone eat 3 pomegranate from the underworld. When Persephone did that she couldn't have her full freedom back. So she had to spend one-third of the year with Hades and the other two with her mother Demeter.
This picture represents how Persephone was traped and she couldn´t have her freedom back and the only time she could have a little bit of her freedom back was when she got to see her mother .


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