Picture Perfect Interior Design Company

Image- The Image my company wants to portray is that we are the perfect company to make your house reflect who you truly are inside.
Feeling- I want people to feel good in their decision to choose my company and trust me to get the job done.
Location- My company will be located in New York, U.S.A
Ad layout- Ad that would fit in Interior Design Magazine
Additional Info- My company uses quality products and makes the best choices for you or you families forever home for you to enjoy.
Slogan- Making your home look straight out of a magazine(Picture Perfect)


Created with images by Pexels - "abstract antique backdrop" • Wicker Paradise - "Scrabble Letter Pillows" • avantrend - "vase rose design" • Wicker Paradise - "Hanging Chair by Alexandra Angle Interior Design" • Pexels - "brick wall cabinet chair" • kloxklox_com - "ceiling lamp lamp chandelier" • milivanily - "home room bedroom"

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