Youth network Campaign to Stop Killer Robots


young people are important leaders and partners in the movement to ban killer robots. your experiences and expertise make us stronger. your unique perspectives and innovative initiatives energize our work. you aren't just the leaders of tomorrow, you're the changemakers of today.

This Youth Network is a new platform for youth engagement at the centre of our work. It's composed of amazing youth (under 30 years old) from around the world who are actively leading and participating in our campaigning at a national, regional, and international level.

Members of the Youth Network can look forward to:

1. Contributing to and building a global community of young people who care about our future and want to find solutions together.

2. Developing projects for youth.

3. Identifying the issues and concerns of youth in their communities and nationally.

4. Making recommendations based on their viewpoints and lived experience.

You can play an active role in the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots by joining the Youth Network. Members have a real impact on our programs, events and initiatives. Bonus!!!... you will join a global community of young leaders working to ban fully autonomous weapons and retain meaningful human control over the use of force. #teamhuman.


For more info about youth and killer robots, visit our 'Youth and Killer Robots' webpage.


Created with images by Ari Beser, Ralf Schlesener, Simon Maage and Clare Conboy.