Couch Shopping With voice and chat

Intro Narrative

"We live in a world where digital technologies augment and choreograph our lives… from subtle cues such as Alexa reminding us about an appointment or WeChat (Facebook messenger) recommending products in our conversations"
"Voice is a natural and frictionless engagement model, while chat has been accepted as the ‘world’s preferred channel for communication’. This is disrupting how we search, discover, and communicate with brands shifting the model from structured syntax to conversational and expressive communication. This sneak will showcase how Adobe is expanding the boundaries of the Experience Led Business to support these new channels"

Sneak summary

This sneak demonstrates how frictionless and fun shopping can be using voice and chatbots.

AEM is used to control and connect the difference touch points and experiences. By integration chat and voice, users have now a new way to interact:

  • Users learn about products that are being showed on tv by using voice command
  • Send information to Facebook Messenger
  • Buy products directly in Facebook Messenger
  • Show additional information on TV display by using voice command
  • Use more complex voice command to get the right information on the channel you desire

Key takeaways

  • Voice and chatbot are important and convenient channels
  • Use AEM to embrace these channels
  • Use AEM to create channel specific rendition for the same content (Facebook Messenger, Webpage, Mobile, Voice).
  • Use AEM to make all touch points transactional


  • AEM Instance
  • Amazon Echo as voice input device
  • iPhone for Facebook Messenger
  • Any display to simulate a TV

Demo script

  • Turn on TV with voice command
  • Switch channel
  • Use voice command to receive product information for a product on Facebook Messenger that is being showed on tv
  • Order product in Facebook Messenger
  • Use voice command to show a list similar products for a different product on TV
  • Use voice command to show product details on TV
  • Use voice command to retrieve in Facebook Messenger a list of nearby stores with product in right size in stock
  • Open directions to store by tapping "get direction" for one of the store

Sneak script

Errol: “All our devices get smarter and connected. I control the heating with a smartphone, I can use my fridge's touchscreen to order food or I control a tv using my voice."

Errol: "Alexa, turn on the TV"

TV turns on with some random channel

Errol: "Or switching a channel. Martin, do you have a favorite channel?"

Martin: "Since my relocation to the USA, I sometimes get homesick and miss Switzerland. What helps me then is to watch Swiss National TV."

Errol: "Sure, Alexa, switch tv channel to Swiss National TV."

TV shows a cliché Swiss scene with mountains, Jodlers and an Alphorn

Errol: "We've all seen voice controlled tvs, it's convenient but not spectacular. However, let's use voice control to do some home shopping on tv. For this demo, we use a tv app that powers the screen and is connected to Amazon's Echo."

Martin: "I always wanted to play the Alphorn but obviously I don't have one and this just looks like perfect for me."

Martin: "Alexa, do you have a product like the Alphorn I am watching on tv?"

Alexa: "Yes, I found the Alphorn. Should I send you detailed information?"

Errol: "The app captures a snapshot of the video and uses Adobe's smart tagging service to identify the different elements in that photo. It recognizes the Alphorn and tries to match it with our product catalog. -> More text to explain Experience Fragments"

Martin: "Alexa, yes, send the me product information via Facebook messenger."

(Facebook example)

Facebook messenger on Martin's iPhone shows a message with product information about the Alphorn."

Errol explains how the chatbot integration works (also works with any other chat like

Martin: "I could tap the product image to get redirected on the product detail page, or as in my case, order it directly here in my Facebook messenger."

Martin taps buy button to buy the Alphorn

Errol: "Isn't that great, shopping can be that easy and frictionless. Well, the Alphorn was pretty obvious to recognize, let's try something more difficult. I think to play the Alphorn, you should also look like these guys."

Errol: "Alexa, what shirt do I see on tv?"

Alexa: "Hmm, I don't find the exact shirt, but do you want me to show you similar products?"

Errol explaining that we use Target Recommendation to find similar products, will also take personal preferences in consideration

Errol: "Sure, Alexa, yes, show the shirts on my tv."

TV screen switched channel and shows a list of similar shirts

Errol: "The app switched from a tv channel to our shopping webpage that is optimized for the TV screen."

Errol: "Alexa, show me details for number 3."

Errol: "That's a great shirt for you Martin. What's your size?"

Martin: "Depends on the country, here it would be an L but I have to try it on first because of my long arms."

Martin: "Alexa, send me a list of nearby stores with the shirt size L in stock."

Facebook shows a list of a few stores with opening hours, price and distance.

Errol: "Store XYZ looks fairly close to this venue, let's go there."

Martin taps 'get Location' in Facebook messenger to open Google Maps with direction.


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