Of mice and men

•smart. •short. •mean. •has a temper. • good worker. •caring •good looking

"Listen to me you crazy bastard"he said fiercely. "Don't you even take a look at that bitch. "I don't care what she says and what she does". "I seen 'em poison before, but I never seen no piece of jail bait worse that her". You leave her be.

•big •strong. •love touching things. •disabled. •gentle. •caring. •loves •touching soft things

"I never done nothing George". "I never want meant no harm,George".

•smart. •nice. •caring. •gentleman. •handsome. •good worker. •strong

"It's brighter'n a bitch outside, he said". "Can't hardly see nothing in here". "You the new guys?"

•caring. •old. •Has one hand. •gentleman. •smart. •generous. •soft

"He was sore as hell when you wasn't here this morning".

•black. •crooked back. •crazy. •lonely. •wierd •lives alone. •nobody likes him

"You got no right to come in my room". "Nobody got any right in here but me".

•crazy. •punk. •short. •crazy. •mean. •has a short temper. •rude

"You the new guys the old man was waiting for". "By Christ he's gotta talk when spoken to".

•lonely. •not cared for. •nice. •dreamer. •good looking. •nice hair. •soft hair

"Nobody can't blame a person for lookin"she said.


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