Presidents Azhar Waliani

George Washington-

George Washington

This picture has George Washington in the revolutionary war. 

1.) George Washington's character was, he was hard working, very intelligent, was a very noble man, and was a patriot.

2.) Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, and John Jay were apart of Washington's cabinet. The two party system started in 1790.

3.) The act created three different federal courts and explaining the powers and relations to the state courts.

4.) French Rebellion was a rebellion of the French against the king in 1789. The French people took out the king and made a republican government. After a few years of the French Rebellion had started, France and Great Britain. When the war was happening some of the Americans were backing up the French, some were backing up the British, and some remained neutral.

5.) The Whiskey Rebellion was, farmers got angry and rebelled against the tax on whiskey. The people who protested refused to pay the tax. Some protesters called themselves the new Son of Liberty.

6.) President George Washington was of the opinion that the Untied States should remain neutral by not favoring any countries at war. He thought that this would help in the long run. However, many congressmen thought he had over used his power as a president.

7.) Jay's treaty resolved the dispute between the U.S and the Great Britain and Pinckney's treaty solved the problem of the border between the U.S and the Spain.

8.) George Washington in his farewell speech warned about dangers of falling ties, political conflicts at home, which would weaken the country and staying away from too much public debt.

John Adams-

This is a portrait of John Adams

1.) John Adams was a federalist because his party wanted a strong federal government which would have a good progress in trade and industry.

2.) These two acts were used to crush the opposition and prevent the people from protesting against the federal government.

3.) The election of 1800 changed the way the president and the vice president were elected by which 12th amendment was created.

4.) John Adams had a difficult task of proving the right successor of Washington because many people thought he did not deserve to be the president because he did not have some good qualities of Washington.

5.) John Adams appointed Marbury as the justice of peace before he left the office. When Jefferson took over the office, Maddison refused to honor Marbury's appointment.

This is a portrait of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

1.) His goals were to cut down the military expenses and reduce the army and invest money in the country progress. He also reduced taxes on many items for the growth of our country.

2.) The 12th amendment benefited him because it helped him to become the president.

3.) Marbury was appointed by John Adams but Jefferson appointed Maddison because he thought he would serve the country in a better way.

4.) The importance of this expedition was to learn about the people and the land of the west and to find out if there was a river route to the ocean.

5.) The piracy and the embargo act was created to stop all the business with the foreign countries. It was repealed in 1809 because the American merchants lost business. They can not business with Britain, France and their Colonies.

The Louisiana Purchase

Louisiana Purchase

1.) Mississippi River was very important because it was used for trade with the Eastern market. New Orleans was a very busy port, used by many traders to conduct their business.

2.) Napoleon wanted to make Louisiana the base of operation his rule. The farmers did not like this idea because they would lose their freedom.

3.) According to this deal Napoleon will move out of the U.S. The two reasons for Napoleon to accept this deal were, he would get $15 million dollars to fight the war against the Britain and bigger U.S would become a threat to them.

4.) Lousiana purchase helped the U.S to double it's size but had to pay $15 million dollars to Napoleon.

James Madison

This is a picture of James Madison

1.) He was elected president as a candidate of the republican party.

2.) In July 1812 war was fought between U.S and Britain, in September 1813 control of lake Erie took place, in August and December 14 a treaty was signed which ended the Creek War, in January 15 battle of New Orleans was fought. The treaty of Ghent was signed in Belgium on December 24 which ended the war of 1812.

U.S vs Britain
Control of Lake Erie
Treaty of Creek War
New Orleans Battle
Treaty of Ghent

3.) They both were appointed by two different presidents and always opposed each other.

James Monroe

This is a statue of James Monroe

1.) He was also a republican president. During his presidency many good things happen and our Country progressed a lot.

2.) Florida was included in the U.S which was occupied by Spain before.

3.) It was an exclusive statement of American policy warning European powers not to interfere with the U.S.

4.) Henry Clay was a representative from Kentucky. Of Missouri compromise was an effort by congress to defuse the sectional and political rivals.

5.) Lake Erie was in New York and was very useful to ship goods because their were no railways. This happened in 1918.


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