Paying Athletes for Going the Extra Length Student Athletes at Liberty University

The Proper Nutrition is Key to the Success of a Student-Athlete

An athletes performance is directly effected by what they eat and how they treat their bodies. If what is being put into the body is unhealthy or not real, a decline in successful performances is inevitable.

Eating, sleeping, performing, and learning take up every second of every day belonging to a student athlete. Often resulting in forgotten meals and lack of sleep at night.

Being the schedule can not change something else has to

If time spent practicing or working on academics was altered, then Liberty University athletes would not be competing at the highest level possible. Therefore, another solution must be found. If Liberty University Financial Aid offered an allowance to their student-athletes each month then these individuals could invest in healthier foods to be kept in their dorm that they can grab on the go.

These athletes are working day in and day out for Liberty University

The hours spent each year by a student athlete at Liberty University are countless. These individuals are putting in the time and sacrificing their mind and bodies for the better of the university. Therefore, giving them extra money each month for basic essentials such as food is important for the success of the future teams.


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