The Classic Blonde

With just one look you can tell she gets more than the average amount of likes on her Instagram posts. She is the classic "fake blonde rich girl". As she steps into the gymnasium she gains everyone's attention with the "click" and the "clack" of her lace up heeled black boots. There is a "rich daddy's little girl" sense to her. She was probably the queen bee of her high school, the one who is always bragging about what he had got for her or what party she went to last weekend or what new guy she is sleeping with. The classic rich cheerleader/homecoming queen type that's in every movie would be another way to describe her. Her nails have a perfect almond shape acrylic and a dark nude color painted on them. And like every other 20 something year old these days, her phone is inseparable from her hand. She pulls out her chair and sits as though she is a queen looking down upon her peasants (or in this case the dancers performing at the competition). In between performances she is either typing away on her newest edition of the MacBook computer or taking #selfies with the judge sitting just to her left to put on her snap story. She is also watching other friends "party" snap stories. There are bright light flashing across her screen and different singers singing in the background of some rage. She shares some with her bestie judge, again the one sitting to her left. As she sits watching the performers she is constantly playing and twirling her bleach blonde hair. While watching, unlike other judges, she is probably thinking about how she should caption her next Instagram post. Her outfit is simple but her accessories make the whole outfit pop. She has rose gold dangling earrings with matching rose gold bracelets. She is wearing a baggy grey and white crop top sweater with tight black skinny jeans. She is VERY fashionable. If you picked up any popular fashion magazine and flipped to any page you would find an outfit similar to the one she is sporting. With this in mind, her closet is most likely bigger than my bedroom. She doesn't know what money problems are and she doesn't know what it feels like to not get something. Overall, she has a very "I get what I want" sense to her.

As I'm sitting here really listening and watching I realize that to be a judge you have to be very talented yourself. She's probably taken dance lessons since she was very little. Countless number of hours spent in a dance studio working on one certain move over and over again until it's perfect. Her parents were probably often gone on a business trip or just in the office at their mansion. She looks like a hard worker. Someone who has a lot of money but has worked hard for each penny. She would be the one to go to different wine tastings with friends one weekend and then go to a gigantic party the next. She still occasionally gets together with her high school friends for a night but is mostly focused on how to make her future better. Her iPhone lock screen is a bright picture. It looks like another selfie with her and some friends. This girl is the type that is waiting for that "certain someone" to come along and isn't going to waste her time with meaningless relationships. As I sit here and rethink my first impression of her it changes my perspective. She might not have been the popular one in high school. She was the one that the popular ones made fun of because she was dancing through the halls, always tapping her foot, or always had a song stuck in her head. She didn't go to the movies or the games on Friday night. She went to musicals or danced at different shows. Now her profession is probably a prestigious dance coach that brings her Louis Vuitton hand bag to each practice. So yeah, this person might think she is all that or take a lot of selfies but what twenty something year old doesn't do that these days? She can think that she's higher than everyone else because she's good in her profession and works hard to get what she wants. She has given up long and hard hours to accomplish her dreams. She is perfectly polished because she wants to be taken seriously and look good on the job. She gets what she wants but she works for every penny.

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