To Kill a Mockingbird Point of View By Hayden Baker

Jem, Scout, and Dill go to the Radley house

Scout has been wanting to dis' since she I brought it up. Jem don't think it is the best idea, but I believe that it would be good. When I brought the topic up to Jem he didn't seem too keen on to carry through with it, but after a little bit of convincing and having both me and Scout going to do it anyway, Jem finally said okay. When we went over to the Radley house I was always curious on how nobody has ever seen Boo Radley. Even if he never went outside except for the night someone must've seen a little bit of him. Anyway after we were there we didn't even get too close we just stopped at a tree and tried inspectin' it from a distance. I think I saw somethin' movin' around in that house. I wasn't quite sure on what or who it was. If it was that Boo Radley it wasn't for long.

Jem cutting up Mrs. Dubose's camellia bushes

When I went outside onto my porch today I almost had a heart attack. I found that my camellia bushes have been destroyed. They were cut up and there was nothing left for me to have. I believe that this may be the work of Atticus's boy Jem I think it is. He didn't take too kindly to what I said about his father. I thought that that young boy knew better though and wouldn't lose his temper like that. He has kept his little sister in good form for his life. I hope I can make it farther into the future. I wonder what Atticus will do for his punishment since he knows about my problems about morphine. I wonder if I can ever gain the respect of that boy back. One thing is for sure I know that Atticus will explain everything to his young boy. I hope he will come to understand why he read to me and how much I needed him for that. I really hope he understands how much I needed him.

Mrs. Dubose's death

"I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand."

After I had heard that Jem ripped up and destroyed Mrs. Dubose's camellia bushes I was very upset with him. I then told him to go read to Mrs. Dubose every night. I would've had him do this even if he didn't do anything, because I wanted him to know something about Mrs. Dubose. I wanted him to realize and know for himself how strong she actually was. So as I walked back into the house after Mrs. Dubose's longest reading session I had to tell Jem and Scout the grave news of Mrs. Dubose's death. I then wanted to tell why I had Jem and Scout read to her at night because of how had a morphine addiction and while she was read to she was dealing with not having morphine in her system. I know Jem will understand in time how much Mrs. Dubose needed him there. I do understand why Jem ripped up the camellia bushes, but he needs to understand why I had him go read to Mrs. Dubose.

Tom Robinson is guilty

I have spent the past few hours thinking whether or not the inevitable has happened or not. I know that Mr. Finch did all that he could and that he knows I didn't do nothin'. I kept thinkin' to myself that I might not go to prison and not be hung to death because of these white people. I just hope that my Helen will be alright. I know she will but I need to know that my family and everyone will be fine and not have whiplash from my mistakes. Mr. Finch told me that he thinks he might have made a difference in the decision of the jury. I agree with him but I know that an all white jury will not let a negro go. I do hate that Bob Ewell though, he better touch a single hair on my wife. I hope that Mr. Finch will help my family after I'm in prison I know that I will be going there for something I didn't do.


I have learned many things from writing this assignment. I learned that is moderately difficult to write an event from a different perspective. I had to write with their vocabulary and their attitude. The events that happened in To Kill a Mockingbird were some very sad and were definitely not just or right by any means. I hope when people read the book that they understand that each event would be very different from someone else's perspective. For instance take the court trial from someone like Judge Taylor's perspective. He probably was there knowing that Tom Robinson didn't do anything that Bob Ewell accused him of doing but he had to let the events unroll, because of how the justice system works. What I am trying to say is that when you read you should also consider other people's perspectives when you read an important event in any book.

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