Cities and Trade Factsss


1: Juan Seguín was only 22 when he was elected to the city council, or ayuntamiento, of San Antonio.

2. Towns such as San Antonio, Goliad, and Nacogdoches were each home to more than 1,000 people, mostly Tejanos.

3. Because of their larger populations, towns needed a more structured government than small communities did.

4. The oldest civil settlement in Texas, San Antonio was also the largest at the beginning of the Mexican period.

5. During the Mexican period, the population of San Antonio did not grow much.

This is the current San Antonio

6. William Goyens became very wealthy by running a blacksmithing shop and other buisnesses.

7. Barter means trade.

8. Sawmills cut wood into usable pieces.

9. Exports are items to be sold in other places.

10. Imports are items bought from other regions.

Cattle was one of the exports that Texas sent out.


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