Lonnie G. Johnson the super soaker water gun

  • Lonnie G. Johnson was born in Alabama in 1949.
  • He worked for the U.S. Air Force and the NASA space program.
  • Johnson's father was a skilled handyman who taught his children to build their own toys.
  • Johnson attended Williamson High School, an all-black facility, where, despite his precocious intelligence and creativity, he was told not to aspire beyond a career as a technician.
  • Nicknamed "The Professor" by his high school buddies, Johnson represented his school at a 1968 science fair sponsored by the Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS).
Lonnie G. Johnson's invention was the water gun.

Fast Facts

  • He died on February 17th 1937
  • He died when he was 63 years old
  • One of Johnson's quotes was "This will put us on the map"
  • Johnson had 96 patents
  • Johnson was on the team that designed the Cassini robot probe that flew 740 million miles to Saturn.

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