The blood of Olympus By Rick Riordan

The overall location of this book is in Greece, camp half blood, camp Jupiter, and many Greek, roman historical places. The places that are in theses places are full of monsters, gods/goddesses, Demigods and special weapons which can cause a lot destruction.
The specific locations are afales Bay, afales bay is a beautiful are with sparkling water and it part of war camp to destroy, Pompeii is a place where a huge volcano destroyed and killed a lot of people. Camp Half Blood is a place for Greek Demi Gods to stay in a safe place , when meaning safe there is a giant force shield protecting the camp.

This novel takes place in the modern times, the book experiences all the seasons. The year 2015 when this books takes place. This makes me feel like something in the future could happen which could be completely different that's what happening right now.

The environment is a mix between mountains and grass lands. This mix gives it a calming and some anxiety to because someone or something could be lurking around the corner.
The book is pretty crowded because there is many city's and camps filled up with people. It makes me feel like in the end all the people are going to do something amazing.
Some object are the Athena Parthenoes which a statue which has the power to keep it self protected while getting more enemies to destroy it. Then the house of hades which belong to the god of death himself hades the Greek side of the death god.
It helps a lot because without this the book who seem boring and I wouldn't read it at all. The parts that help the most is the landscape it help me imagine what's happening chore clearly. The overall mode is pretty mysterious because sometimes a strange creature or items. The atmosphere is in an adventurous because this whole book is about a great adventure, which makes me want read more of the book.

The settings affect by giving it a mystery feel to it so it wants to read more of the book. It also helps because the reader can imagine a huge warship with like 30 people fighting on but with out it seems more boring.


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