America's Growing Nationality America land of the free and slaves

America is one of the newest nations on this planet. They Broke off of england and is now a democracy instead of a monarchy. At the moment they are a bit wobbly i'm sure that will change. Americans pride themselves in beating england in the war. americans Used to not call themselves americans they called themselves virginians or New yorkers. But now after the battle of new orleans they call themselves americans. Alas sadly I have to remake a chapter since it went missing good thing i still have my notes.

American Politics

American politics are unique. Americans run their very own democracy. Although it is still semi-run by people with high amounts of money. They have been calling this era of democracy "The Era of Good Feelings" because all continental politics are resolved. But soon many people started to believe in different things for the future. The American System is a plan to put taxes on imported goods.

American art is based on European traditions but is a all new style. Not all artists are professionals here there art is called folk art. Folk art is simple, direct, and colorful. Most professional artists made portraits. Portraits capture the personality and emotions of a person. Many other artists do very detailed paintings of birds.

America's national identity is expressed through music. Until now music used to be only heard in church. Now a days dancers swirl through ballrooms performing to the upper and middle classes. Down south slaves made there own music combining classic African songs and white churchgoers music creating spiritual music. People such as Samuel Francis Smith are writing patriotic songs. White men down south inspired by spiritual music created minstrel music.

American literature is very diverse. The British believed the United States were a backwards nation in literature. One type of writing is based on already existing folk lore and builds on it. Other authors write about frontier life. Others make fictional stories about themselves. The most classic form of American writing is poetry.

In conclusion I have decided to stay in America. I will return back to France to publish this book and pack to move Back here. I hope one day France will break away from our monarchs and spread our own new culture, It is really wonderful what the British colonies have done. I have nothing left to say about this magical place. This Is Alexis de Tocqueville in my last story.


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