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Pinjarra Massacre

28th October 1834, the Pinjarra Massacre is one of the most horrible massacres of the Aboriginal people in Australia history. Captain James Stirling (the Governor and the Commander-in-chief of the Colony WA) continued the requests for the military protection from a small group of settlers in Murray River.

What are the reasons for this massacre?

Governor Captain James Stirling and his army of European soldiers and policemen, because he was motivated by earlier attacks on the white settlers by the Bindjareb tribe. The attacks were carried out by the Bindjareb tribe. According to the Aborigines the white settlers were invading their land, the Bindjareb tribe was getting mad. Governor Captain James Stirling didn't want the two aggressive tribes Bindjareb tribe and the Weeip's Wajuk people to team up and kill the white settlers. The Pinjarra Massacre also happened because Governor Stirling wanted revenge for the early attack on the White settlers. For more information about the Pinjarra massacre go to the following websites.


Captain James StirLing, Captain Charles Fremantle and there party is a big Part of history in wa.


Albany was the first European settlement established Western Australia.

Did you know the first person to land on WA was a Dutchman named Dirk Hartog?

Hartog's history plate

Inquiry Questions

Who settled WA?

Captain Charles Fremantle was the first person to raise and plant the British flag in the Swan River Colony of WA. The first migrants in 1829-1830 were retired serve rice men professional men with their families, artisans and servants, the colony failed so then in 1848 and in 1868 they sent single women and Parkhurst boys (bad boys) to make the colony bigger.

Why did they settle WA?

The Britain settled WA and thought it would be an easy start because the land was not fertile and there would be new species of animals.

Primary Scources on A Secondary Website

This website below has maps, journals, letters and more made by the people in the first fleet.

New South Wales Research

The Gold Rush

The 12th of Febuary 1849 inside of California Vistoria or Barthurst NSW the gold rush happened, a guy named Edward Hammod Hargraves was a prospector and he a another guy named Lister went to Lewis Pond Creek near Barturst and Lister's instincts said that they were surrounded by gold, "There it is!" He cried, they found gold, word spread quickly on April, Lister and another man found a rich strike in York's corner and I guess all this started the massive gold rush.

The population in California grew from 77,000 to 540,000 because of the gold rush.

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