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government comes in many types and all are different from each other. If we didn't have government the world would be out of control and if you did have government it still could be out of control but that depends on the leader or god.

What makes you a good citizen?

Which would be easier to live in, the sahara or sahel? It would be easier to live in the sahara. If you lived in the sahara there is more economic activity, so that could keep your animals healthy, which will keep you healthy. When you have a better economic land and you can grow more food/plants. also you have more resources and it is easier to farm. But if you lived in the sahel, they go through a lot of droughts and there are not a lot of resources to keep you or the animals healthy. It would be hard to live in the sahel because it is so dry there really is not a lot of water and it would be hard to farm because the land is so dry nothing would grow. Overall, the sahara would be a better place to live rather than the sahel.

Where would it be better to live, Sahara or Sahel?


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