Lost girl By Ella Sobieck

I woke up early morning to a screaming alarm, a howling collie, and a raspy laugh.
First, I sprang from my bed; second, I put on some clothes; and third, I ran out of my house.
I got outside and saw a bright, beautiful glow in my eyes.
Well, at least something went right this morning.
Over the creek under the trees, I find a little girl sitting on a log.
She ran up to me sreaming her name, Emma, and begging for my help.
"Emma, what do you need," I said.
"Stein, my dad, is hurting my dog!"
"It's ok," I said, "I'll get you another dog and it will be ok."
The girl seemed really concerned about her dog, or maybe she just wanted someone's attention.
Sut, the dog I bought for her, replaced her suffering, dying dog.
"I will never forget the day I saved Emma, April 19, 2008"
I led her to my house on 194 Stiny Street, Lacrosse, Wisconsin, 54601.
Dear Emma, I'm so glad I got to meet you, even if the situation wasn't the exact, perfect moment.
"Everything is messed up, I agree, but we have each other."


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