Students Vs. Tutoring Classes in Cambodia

High school teachers should reduce the number of tutoring classes due to students' financial situation, students' physical health, and students' mental health.

Approximately 6 hours a day; 1 hour costs 25 cents to 50 cents. So students have to pay about 55 dollars monthly.

These are the common job for the parents. The low class parents do farming or fishing. The medium parents can sell things at the market. High class parents work at the government.

Students pay for the classes, but it does not mean they can get a comfortable classroom.

There is something wrong with this street. Let's see if you can find them!

I am having fun. I go to private school, but I still have to go to the tutoring classes or I will not do well in the exam. 

Mommy said we can only eat ice cream once in every two weeks because we have to save money for the tutoring classes!
Hey grandma! one of my tutoring classes was cancelled!!

The solution would be simply putting more effort into the actual lecture. By doing that, poor students can keep up with the classes and may do well on their exams. It is time to make the difference!


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