Cards of the Year: Pokemon Cards Peter wardrope

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Health Points
  3. Damage Points
  4. Types
  5. Conclusion
Pokemon Cards


Some people think Pokemon cards are boring, and some people think Pokemon cards are fun. Some people tease people for having weak cards, but weak cards can be strong with a special energy on it. You can keep Pokemon cards in binders too. You can also battle other people with them. The first person to knock out all the other person's cards wins the battle. This book will tell you all about Pokemon cards. What the parts are and how to use one. Are you ready to be a Pokemon card expert?

These Pokemon sure look happy!

Chapter 1

Health Points

How will you know what your card's health is? Health points can go up to at least 230, that's tough! Health points are found in the top right corner of the card. The health has a little sign next to the health number that says h.p. That means health points. Health is important in battles. Be sure to keep track!

He's cute, and strong!

Chapter 2

Damage Points

Like the health, damage is also important in battles. Damage points can go up to at least 300, that's a lot! Damage points can lower your opponent's health with the amount of damage your card can do. The damage is found next to the attack name. Be sure to try to make your opponent's health get to 0, before you do!

These guys are awesome! (Not Magikarp.)


There are lot of different types, and each Pokemon has one. The types are colorless, water, fire, grass, electric, fighting, darkness, physic, steel, dragon, and fairy. The types are located in the top right corner with the health. Some cards can have double types. That means it will have 2 types on the same card. Types can be useful in crazy ways. Maybe you will find out!


Pokemon cards are the best cards because it's like having your own pet Pokemon! They are great for exploding your boredom and replacing it with excitement and looking coolness! Maybe someday you will be a Pokemon card-battle-master! (P.C.B.M.)


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