HIP Health Information Project

What is HIP?

The Health Information Project (HIP) consists of a group of high school juniors and seniors that visit ninth grade students once a month to teach important health information.

Some of their main topics include substance abuse, suicide, anxiety, depression, and more. The Peer Health Educators (PHE) are trained to serve as mentors for the students who are starting their high school career.


On March 10th, 2020, Gables students attended HIP Day at the Watsco Center to celebrate the 2019-2020 school year. The HIP program was able to gather 58 schools together, with 1,700 student leaders along with 200 faculty members, community partners and guests. The day was filled with cooking demonstrations, yoga classes, student testimonials, breakout sessions and other fun activities.

During Fall 2020, HIP kicked off their 2020-2021 school year in Miami with the addition of 85 new schools across Broward, Detroit and Mississippi. This year, HIP is educating over 45,000 9th graders and training over 2,300 PHEs.

Club Sponsor

HIP's sponsor is Mrs. Sandy Leal-Garcia, who also teaches World History Honors, World Religions, and Holocaust Studies at Coral Gables Senior High

Board Members

Co-President: Pietra Tavares

Co-President: Alanis Lago

Vice President: Savanna Tiffany

Secretary: Daniel Fernandez

Secretary: Dylan Polverine

How To Get Involved

HIP starts recruiting sophomores around March-April to serve as PHEs for their junior and senior year. The candidates will need to fill out an application and get interviewed by the board members and Mrs. Leal, only about 25 students are selected.

All the PHEs that get in are required to attend the 8 trainings in a year, which are 1-2 trainings per month from October-March.

Watch this video to learn more about HIP from one of the Co-Presidents!

Be Smart, Be Healthy, Be HIP!

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