Journey logs have probably been my least favorite thing in this class. I know what we learn during the week, and even if I'm not paying full attention during a lecture, everything is on the website. I don't really get why we have to sit down and write a reflection like this every week. I mean, I do - kind of. I understand that science says it's great for memory retention and in a class that is formatted the way it is it adds trivial assignments to the grade book that, ideally, should boost everyone's grade. I guess I just view it as a little mundane. I already practice metacognition in my day to day life, I feel like I'm creative, I'm for sure persistent, I am open, I fit all the characteristics of the habits of mind. It's also in an unorthodox format. I know we're moving further and further into the 21st century which means more and more technology, but I feel like you're really trying to push Adobe on us and you're really trying to use all these tools and websites to "enhance our learning" or something. Yes, Spark is more appealing than just writing in a Google Doc, but it's also more involved and more complicated, and you're going to get the same thing out of both. These pictures don't really enhance my journey log that much. The header photo I always include usually has something to do with the habit of mind I talk about but within the first sentence you usually find out what that is either way. Either way, I'm going to have to suck it up and do them anyway, so here is number 9.

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