Ronald Reagan by:morgan brown


  • The economy was in a state of stagflation
  • Reagan planned to fix the economy through the Trickle Down Theory and Supply-Side Economics
  • The Trickle Down Theory- Reagan wanted the money to "trickle down" from the wealthy Americans to the poor Americans and in order to get this to occur he gave tax breaks to the wealthy which put more money into their pockets that they could invest. When the wealthy invested it meant that companies could create more jobs therefore spreading the wealth by putting the middle and lower classes to work.
  • Supply-Side Economics-Increasing the supply of goods in order to lower the price of the good and get more Americans to buy the good.


  • AIDS- AIDS was a sexually transmitted disease that was thought to be the gay mans disease during the 80's. This disease frightened a lot of people in the 80's because there was not the medical testing and equipment that there is in todays society. Having AIDS in the 1980's was a death sentence.
  • War on Drugs- Throughout the 60s and 70s the use of drugs became prominent throughout the United States. When the 80s came around many teens and young adults were dying or getting severely ill due to drug use. Nancy Reagan (the First Lady) started a program that was known as "Just Say No." This program taught children the effects of drug use and told them to "just say no" and not give into peers who were pressuring them to do drugs.
  • Abortion- Abortion became a big debate during this time because the Roe v wade case made it legal for women to get an abortion. Reagan was a conservative and he believed that it was not the governments role to decide whether Abortion was morally right. There were two main sides to this argument and there still are today. The Pro-Life movement which says that abortion in murder and should not be legal and the Pro-choice movement which says women have a choice to either keep the baby or abort the baby.


  • Conservative Shift- Before Reagan entered office American had been put on a track towards liberalism and many believed that we had forgotten our morals so Reagan's goal was to shift society back towards more conservative ideas and to make America a moral based society. Reagan appealed to all the people that had never forgotten their morals throughout the time when America threw morals aside. Reagan appealed to the true conservative people and after many years of change and uproar people were ready for America to settle back down.
  • Equal Rights Amendment(ERA)- Reagan wanted to pass the ERA in order to insure that everyone was getting equal opportunities to jobs. This included women also he wanted to see that all ethnicities and genders were getting equal rights. This bill was never passed because congress believed that these ideas were covered under the 14th and 15th Amendment and did not need to be stated in another amendment.
  • Gay Rights- Gay rights begins to become an issue during this time due to AIDS. AIDS was believed to be the "Gay mans disease" and this led to the questioning of if being gay was considered morally right. This along with many social and politcal debates that began in the 80s is still unresolved today. This is another place where the government is entering into the personal lives of people and overstepping their boundaries.

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