Save a Seat at LTC $100,000 scholarship campaign to upskill our Lakeshore community workforce by supporting furloughed workers enrolling at Lakeshore Technical College

The LTC foundation is announcing a $100,000 scholarship campaign to upskill lakeshore community workers furloughed during the Coronavirus pandemic and economic downturn of 2020


The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting shut-downs left many people financially insecure. Thousands of those working in minimum-wage jobs who were "temporarily furloughed" will be facing permanent lay-offs as the economic recovery remains slower than expected. Lakeshore Technical College wants to provide a pathway to economic and employment stability for all who need it.

Unlike the Great Recession, there is no temporary direct state or federal aid to assist furloughed workers to upskill to better-paying, more recession-proof jobs.

The LTC Foundation has a response, and you can help

The LTC Foundation seeks to provide $100,000 in new scholarships this year to support the upskilling of furloughed workers so they move from unemployed to essential workers. This critical help will be available to 200 MORE students this year who are struggling to get ahead in today's economic downturn. The LTC Foundation has distributed all of its current scholarship funds for the fall semester, and still had to turn away 100+ eligible students. The need exceeds any prior year in recent history.

Our goal of raising $100,000 will encourage more students to enroll at LTC, upskill at LTC, and work for our essential employers across the Lakeshore community. Together we can uplift our local economy, strengthen our workforce, and help people move from unemployed to the middle class.

Upskill people - Uplift our economy

The anxiety about the future is real

The economic downturn is dragging on and recovery is slow. Those earning at the bottom of the payroll are the most vulnerable to a permanent lay-off. Workers need options. LTC provides a pathway to greater career and economic stability for our adult learners who want a better job. Yet, there are few financial resources for our low-wage workers to upskill or retrain.

“How do I know if I’ll have enough money coming in to pay for college and support my family?”

Students build new connections while at LTC, which in turn helps them find employment while in college and in a future career. Irregular part time work and unemployment benefits are not sufficient to pay for college, and workers fear future permanent lay-offs.

“Am I going to have a job in fall?”

Our student advisors are hearing these concerns from prospective students. Affording college seems far off. Anxiety about the future is real.

Source: Microsoft CELA data science and analytics of Federal Reserve Economic Database

LTC provides a path to greater employment security

Lakeshore Technical College provides low-wage earners with a pathway out of the impact-zone of recession and unemployment. We offer a pathway to jobs that are more stable through economic downturns - increasing worker's earning potential and job stability.

Upskilling the workforce will uplift our regional economy. The time is now to increase the skills of our people and put them into essential businesses here in our community. LTC provides essential degree programs for a pathway to jobs that have been impacted less by economic downturns in fields such as public safety, health, business and technology, and advanced manufacturing.

Uplift the backbone of our region’s economy

79% of our graduates stay, live, and work in our Lakeshore community after graduation. Investing in upskilling and retraining our community members to better jobs increases their earning potential and stimulates the regional economy. Our goal is to help our community members move from unemployment to the middle class.

LTC provides our community with trained professionals in many fields including: advanced manufacturing (electro-mechanics, robotics specialists, CAD engineers, CNC machine tool programmers, welders, production managers, supply chain managers), public safety (police officers, firefighters, EMTs, paramedics), agriculture (dairy and farm managers,), automotive (body and repair technicians, mechanics) business and technology (management analysts, production and expediting specialists, web and software developers), and health and human services (nurses, pharmacy, radiology, and ophthalmologist technicians, early childhood teachers), and much more.

Jump start a career

In addition, LTC has credit transfer agreements with signature universities across Wisconsin including U.W. Madison, U.W. Green Bay, U.W. Milwaukee, U.W. Stout, and U.W. Oshkosh (47 total colleges and universities nationally). LTC provides our regional students with a great place to start. LTC students can take courses here and transfer to a 4-year degree program.

You can help


At the height of the pandemic, we turned down more than 100 qualified students who applied for scholarships because our scholarship funds were depleted.  300 students received LTC Foundation scholarships of the 474 that applied last academic year. More and more students this summer continue to ask to apply for a scholarship for fall. Help us raise additional funding for these deserving students.

Scholarships are the #1 way to help our community members reach their goals. Scholarships make the difference between going to college, and staying stuck.


We will put your support directly to use and distribute $100,000 in additional scholarships this year to 200 MORE STUDENTS who need them to achieve their dreams.


We have almost reached $100,000!

Regional private foundations, individuals, and corporations have already contributed more than $70,000 to Save a Seat at LTC. Join us as we help more students build better futures for themselves, and for their families in this difficult time.

Make a pledge or contribution today to support LTC Scholarships

To make a pledge, or find out more about how you can help, contact: Kristy Liphart, VP of Advancement kristin.liphart@gotoltc.edu, or call call (920) 693-1854.

Mail a your check or pledge to the LTC Foundation 1290 North Avenue, Cleveland, WI 53015.

Give online at the link below

LTC Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. EIN: 39-1269078

Thank you for your support

For more information: please contact us.

LTC Foundation, 1290 North Avenue, Cleveland, WI 53015

(920) 693-1000. ltcfoundation@gotoltc.edu.

LTC Foundation is a nonprofit organization recognized as a 501(c)(3) by the IRS. EIN 39-1269078. Contributions may be tax deductible.

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