Think , do , test By matthew roush

Challenge 1 pendulum

This is the block my partner and me are trying to knock down. We made a wheel that swings that will knock down the blocks we increased the length of the leg which swings the wheel. We also have added a second wheel for more weight which will give us more swinging power. 1/10/17

This device isn't working well we are going to change it from wheels to a more precise angl for more concentrated hitting power and we are going to increase the hieght we also got an idea to increase the size of the legs going into the table also putting a wheight on the bottom of them on the underside of the table

These are weights on the sides for more stabilization

We also increased the size of the arms now it works it also works 5/5 times

Challenge 2 : pullie system

Today we are going to build a pullie 1/11/17 it needs to be able to lift 3 blocks almost like an elevator it needs a platform to hold the blocks the mechanism will include a mechanism to lift and lower the platform manually

1/12/17 we are half wat through building and I already see some problems first we need to build a platform and replace the other side wheel with a crank so we can pull up the platform

This is a picture of are platform there is no way that the blocks will escape from this platform this thing is a beast

1/17/17 Today we need to make 2 things a counter balance and a crank . The crank pull the blacks up or pull the counter balance up the counter balance will be used to counter the weight of the blocks. We also need to make a video of our machine using spark video. We will re odd it once we use the pull and it is functional.

We made a crank and the counterweight it all works functionaly we also made a video of the crank above

1/18/17 we next need to build a lever / catapult it has to be constructed entirely out of vex IQ components the catapult must launch a wood block 1 or more feet and also work 2/3 times launched the. The catipult must have a lever class 1 class 2 or class 3. Once we finish building the lever, we will need to make some modifications

For our modifications we made a holder for the block and a stabilizer just this two things made are simple lever work.

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