Poetry By rylee anderson

Some Haikus about Rain

It is downpouring

We near the bridge and pass through

Calm for one second

Mud beneath my feet

A rainbow fills the gray sky

The earth smells like worms

Identity Poem

The pictures in someone's head are like a pair of diamond earrings,

Sometimes real but usually fake,

Dumb blonde,

Spoiled brat,

Works for nothing.

If only I could snatch those ideas like a thief in the darkest of nights.

Ode to the Perfect Pair of Jeans

These jeans are snug but not suffocating,

Comfortable yet stylish,

The pair of pants you wear too much, yet not enough.

The perfect pair of jeans


I'm sorry for getting the dirt off my shoes with your toothbrush,

It was my mistake,

I didn't see that your name was written on it.


Created with images by katerha - "“The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain.”" • Heliophiliac, sentimental, nostalgic. - "Rain" • oscarandtara - "The Start" • angsthase. - "pants! | 366/35" • succo - "dentist toothbrush dental care"

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