Medieval Torture Devices Briana watts

Ordeal by Fire was when the accused had to pick up a red hot iron bar and hold it while they walked three or four paces. Their hand was then bandaged. After three days they had to return to the court where the bandages were removed. If the wound was beginning to heal they were innocent but if the wound showed no sign of healing then they were pronounced Guilty

Ordeal by Combat was when Noblemen would fight in combat with their accuser. The winner of the battle would be considered to be in the right.

Trial by Ordeal was when rhe King's court decided if the accused was innocent or guilty

The Brazen Bull was when criminals were ordered to enter the bull and then the door was locked. After that a fire was lit up under the bull and it was heated to a point that Brazen Bull was red hot and the criminals inside were roasted to death.

The Pear of Anguish inflicted a lot of pain and it didn’t take long to extract a confession from a women of being a witch or any other crime using this torture device. The Pear of Anguish medieval torture device was usually made of hard metal possibly iron.

The Scavengers Daughter worked by strapping the head of the victim to an A-frame shaped metal rack at the top point of A. The hands were then tied at the midpoint and the legs at the lower spread end of A. Then the body was compressed from both side pushing the knees up in a sitting position and the head in the opposite direction. This resulted in blood running from the nose and ears of the victim other than damage to muscles.


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