She used to Hannah gochis

She's a new cheerleader says the clean white uniform hanging in her closet. She values friendship Says the many pictures hanging over her bed on her wall. She's traveled around the world Says the beat up suit case laying in the laundry room. She's not a morning person Says the unplugged alarm clock sitting on her night stand.
She used to play piano Says the mountain of piano books that haven't been touched in months. She's been dancing a while Say the the different sized dance costumes hanging all together in her closet. She used to be a gymnast Say the dusty metals in her closet in one small box. She was changing things Say the stacked up crosses on her window seat waiting to be hung up.
She used to read Say the worn books sitting next to the new ones. She used to stay on track Says the calendar still stuck on July 1 hidden in the shadows of her closet. She used to clean up Says the messy, unorganized closet. She used to have free time Says the worn skate board now untouched next to her dresser in the corner.

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