BrELT Queer Day 2017 On december 10 | via google hangouts

From 09:00AM to 10:10AM // Opening Plenary

'Gay is a global issue' by Scott Thornbury

Human rights are being eroded in every quarter, with the LGBTQ community often the first to be targeted. How, as educators, can we counter discrimination and prejudice without being accused of promoting a ‘gay agenda’? There are no easy answers, and every context will require different strategies. Sharing our own stories is a start. Small acts of resistance may be another. Not to mention being great teachers and caring human beings! This webinar explores these themes, and welcomes your participation.

Scott Thornbury a teacher and teacher educator, with over 30 years’ experience in English language teaching, and an MA from the University of Reading.

From 10:20AM to 11:20AM // Concurrent Session 1

'Motivation in ELT: A Study Case Carried Out with the Teachers from the Social Project 'English to TransForm' by Renan Baraúna

Motivation is by far one of the most important factors that influence the learning relationship between teachers and their pupils. The aim of this project is to present the motivational factors, intrinsic and extrinsic, that influenced English teachers to create and give classes to LGBTQ students under social vulnerability situations.

Renan Baraúna is an undergraduate student at Faculdade Cultura Inglesa as well as an EFL/ESL teacher at Associação Cultura Inglesa São Paulo

From 10:20AM to 11:20AM // Concurrent Session 2

'Out & About: pioneering in ELT publishing with LGBTQi characters' by Hugo Loyola

When we published "Out & About" we took a huge gamble by introducing LGBTQ characters in the course book, but we were fully committed to celebrating and respecting all learners in the classroom. What lessons have we learned as educators, given today's political, religious, and social divide on this issue?

Hugo Loyola is Founder of ALTA English Online and President at ALTA English Publishers. Hugo has been involved in English language education and teaching for over 20 years

From 11:30AM to 12:30PM // Concurrent Session 1

'Gender-neutral Language In the Classroom (And Outside)' by AJ Dalmaso Marques

Have you ever thought about how many times you could have used Gender-Neutral Language and how it could contribute to gender aspects? We live in a world where we have no idea who the people who surround us are. Taking this into consideration, I would like to invite you to join me in a webinar where we can discuss how Neutral Language and Gender walk hand-in-hand and how we all can contribute to this matter and, together, build a more welcoming and supportive world inside and outside the classroom.

AJ Dalmaso Marques has been a teacher since 2010 and I hold a CAE and CELTA. They are passionate about teaching and diversity and, because of this, They are always trying to have contact with all types of people and cultures.

From 11:30AM to 12:30PM // Concurrent Session 2

'Gender bias in coursebooks' by Fernanda Machado

Textbooks are a part of the reality of many english teachers in both english and regular schools in Brazil, being of help in the planning and execution of various activities for students. However, according to Blumberg (2009), gender bias in textbooks is an invisible obstacle to gender equality in education. Therefore, textbooks should not be worked with naively: as claimed by Eckert and McConnel-Ginet (2003), the more gender bias is reproduced, the more it is reinforced in society. Also, the invisibility of other kinds of gender, non-conforming to the female-male dichotomy, is an urgent matter to be discussed. With this scenario in mind, this presentation is aimed at discussing some strategies to combat gender bias in textbooks. In addition, it is important to point out that, in order for teachers to discuss gender bias in the classroom, teachers must overcome their own gender-blindness. So, this is not only a matter for students of the english language, it is also a matter for teachers and teachers-to-be to discuss in teacher training programmes.

Fernanda Machado is an undergraduate student, majoring in English and Portuguese. She is currently working as a teacher assistant at Inglês sem Fronteiras/UFRJ and has a specialization degree in English Teaching and Use of New Technologies. Also, she is currently researching on grammatical aspect, and she is interested in the dynamics of language and gender.
Lunch Break from 12:30PM to 02:00PM

From 2:00PM to 2:45PM // Live BrELT Chat

There will a live discussion mediated by one of the BrELT moderators with two invited speakers and other BrELTers that might be interested in discussing LGBT+ matters as well.

Guests speakers:

Tyson Seburn, author of Academic Reading Circles, is Lead EAP instructor of Critical Reading & Writing at the University of Toronto. He holds an MA Educational Technology & TESOL (University of Manchester). His main interest focuses on public spaces for exploring teacher identity and development.
Natalia Affonso has been an English Teacher for 7 years. She is in the process of writing her Master’s dissertation in Literatures of the English Language. Her focus is on gender, sexuality, race and class in the context of coloniality and literary constructions which escape the norm. She lives with her girlfriend, Renata and their two cats, Catgar Allan Poe and Miaïs Nin Rey.

From 02:50PM to 03:30PM

'Gender in ELT: providing safe spaces' by Thiago Veigga

The purpose of this talk is to shed some light on gender issues, focusing on transgender and gender non-conforming individuals as well as their place in the English language classroom. I will start with some definitions regarding gender and discuss their implications. After that, I will present arguments both in favor of and against bringing gender issues to class and the social impact these have on students. I will show studies about the importance of identity and its role in language learning. Then, I will show some practical examples of simple changes we teachers can make by adapting existing coursebooks and also creating some materials in order to provide students with safer learning spaces.

T. Veigga is a teacher, teacher trainer and materials designer based in Rio. He holds a post-graduate degree in Media-Education (PUC-Rio) and has worked in the ELT industry for over 14 years.

From 03:40PM to 04:40PM // Concurrent Session 1

'It's Only Natural: De-tabooing Sexuality in the ELT Classroom' by Gabriela Fróes

Although we try to include discussions in the ELT classroom, it seems that sexuality is still seen as a taboo topic. This talk aims at discussing ways to insert sexuality representativeness in an ELT classroom by sharing reflections, activities and, hopefully, classroom experiences.

Gabriela Fróes has been teaching for 13 years. She holds a BA in English, an MA in English Literature, a CPE and a CELTA. She is also a member of Voices SIG.

From 03:40PM to 04:40PM // Concurrent Session 2

'How to introduce LGBT issues in the classroom, both planned and improvised' by Sergio Viula

Never before have we been confronted by so many different issues regarding sexual diversity and gender identity. In this presentation, I would like to address how to plan the inclusion of LGBT issues in the lessons as well as make the best of incidental contributions by student themselves.

Sergio Viula is a teacher at Cultura Inglesa, with a master's degree in Linguistics (Discourse Analysys) and a college degree in Philoshopy, both from UERJ. I'm also an independent LGBT activist and blogger.

From 04:50PM to 05:50PM // Closing Plenary

'Diverse Leadership - a Lesbian Perspective' by Cintia Rodrigues

How diverse is the board of your school/publisher? Studies show that companies that invest in diversity tend to outperform their counterparts, but we are still away from the perfect scenario. Having said so, I invite you to follow the path of a stereotypical lesbian towards becoming a DoS at a Language School.I will expose and justify the fear felt, as well as show the advantages of having your business run by different mindsets. No team is stronger than a diverse team!

Cintia Rodrigues is a DoS, a teacher, and a Cambridge Speaking Examiner for Seven Idiomas. She holds an MA in Applied Linguistics, a BA in Linguistics, CELTA, and CPE. She’s also a founding member of Voices SIG.
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