Adobe Experience League Kickstart your Customer Experience Management skills with guided learning and community

Adobe Experience League is our new program to help you get to instant value with Adobe Experience Cloud. It's personalized for you, and empowers you through INTELLIGENT GUIDANCE learning and COMMUNITY.

See how Adobe customer MetLife uses Experience League for self-service learning to ramp up skills on Adobe Experience Cloud.


INTELLIGENT GUIDANCE is step-by-step guided learning that offers up your next step. It has two pieces. Explore helps you search for the content you want to see. My Learning is your personal dashboard of learning, events, and awards.

To get started just click on Join Experience League and sign in with your Adobe ID.

Now click on My Learning and select your learning path by product on the left.

Next, you will find your Awards based on your learning, in-product usage, and attendance at events.

With Recommended Events you can see the list of Adobe events suggested for you based on what you've told us. When you click the star on an event, it goes into your Saved Events list.

Now go back up to the Explore tab at the top. There you can search for the learning you want to see. Use the search bar on the side and the product icons on the far left to find what you're looking for.

When you find learning you like, click the star on it, and it will appear on your Saved Guides list under My Learning.

See how Adobe customer Telenor uses Experience League community to get greater ROI from Adobe Experience Cloud.


Now you don't have to wait to ask Adobe support your questions about Adobe Experience Cloud. You can reach out to 150,000 of your peers and get answers in minutes.

Find your community...

ask your questions...

and get your answers.

Customers tell us their complicated issues can take hours to solve. But instead of tackling the issue on their own, they've turned to COMMUNITY for answers and solved their problems in minutes. This global group of Experience Makers is here to listen and respond.


When the going gets tough, find all your Adobe Experience Cloud answers in one place. Start with self-service answers to save time, then get added help from Adobe Support.

Type your question into the Search Bar to find relevant articles and helpful Community threads.

And when you just need some 1:1 support, scroll down to open a ticket with Adobe Support.


Adobe Experience League is personalized at a level you don't see with other success programs. We use our own tools like Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, and Adobe Target together with Adobe Sensei's AI to understand your needs and tailor the experience to you. Everyone who participates in Adobe Experience League is different, so why should everyone get the same experience? With Adobe Experience League, you get the free learning, connections and support you need to become a great Experience Maker.