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Take a view into our world. Our goal is to open the windows of the world through our photography. "Come Witness Uniqueness From Our Eyes To Yours"

T Lang Dance
gloAtl performed at the Historic Roswell Mill in Georgia.
DJ Rogers Songwriter
Model Samanta Romain
Samanta Romain model in Atlanta, Georgia
Winter White Party
Christa Lee

Christa Lee plays the role as three persons in this very special photo shoot which is a combination of fantasy and fitness. If you observe, Christa is seen here dressed in White as an angel. She also appeared dressed in Black as an angel and also dressed as fitness coach. Christa, the fitness coach, trains both angels. The black angel lives deep in the shady part of the forest. The white angel loves to play in the street that divides the park. The coach trains the angels separately at different times on a bridge. Both angels occasionally meet in a neutral area around the waterfalls of the natural park. In real life, it is difficult to determine the morals of people on brief acquaintances based on appearance. Although the angels are sisters and look alike. The basic difference we see is the colors black and white. Who can determine who is good or bad? Most people have degrees of grays between the colors of black and white. Some days we are good and other days not so good. We are human so how can we judge one another? The angels represent our effort to maintain a positive spirit despite the negative ills of the world around us.

They are identical twin sisters. You can't judge an angel by the colors they wear to determine who is good or bad.
Christa as white angel
Christa as the fitness coach of the angels who train them on the bridge.

You can see more fitness photography as well as other categories of our work by visiting our website. We are an ever changing photography group with extensive social media Internet connections. Just remember the letter "E" in our name as evolution and exposure.

Scene from the Winter White Party 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia

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