Becky Business/personal portrait session

"Hey Dave, I need a head shot for my social media. Can you help?"

I've been hearing that question a lot these days. And when my friend Becky asked the question, I was happy to help. Especially when she added, "And I would like a little variety... maybe some informal portraits, too."

Great idea, Becky! I love it when clients aren't in a hurry and they're willing to try a few different looks and setups. Here are some of the images Becky and I made together during her business/personal portrait session.

We started with the standard business shot. It's a fairly long shot, with the Becky posed at a 45 degree angle to the camera. By photographing Becky from a medium distance, I can give her a more versatile business portrait. This is the same image cropped three different ways - normal, tight, and tighter. So Becky can easily modify the image for just about any social media use.
Same pose, same wardrobe., I just posed Becky against a grey wall in the studio and shifted the key light to camera left for a little variety. I always advise my business portrait customers to wear their regular work attire for their business head shots. For some people that might be a suit and tie. Becky runs a very successful cleaning service and she chose a simple grey polo with an embroidered company logo. I love this pose for business women - it's assertive, yet still flattering and feminine.
With business portraits done, we shifted to the personal part of our session. Becky's second wardrobe choice was a summer sweater and her favorite jeans. Bare feet add to the nice casual feel of the shot.
Finally, we shot the classic "black on black" portrait. I love black, I always urge clients to bring something black for this classic, flattering setup. Becky's black dress is perfect for this shot. We posed her against a black backdrop, and used a large softbox camera right, and a strip softbox behind her camera left to separate her from background and highlight her hair. This is the sort of classic portrait that her family and friends will treasure for years.
"Here's my promise to you: spend an hour with me in my studio, and we'll make images that your business associates will admire, and your family and friends will cherish. And I promise it will be relaxed, casual and maybe even a little fun."
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