Exhibit 2: A Tiger Has More Than One Self study habits




Computer science requires a lot of learning and reviewing, especially if you have no prior knowledge of the subject. the learning objective for this exhibit was to explore and test new strategies for learning, and when dealing with a new subject that interest you, it intuition and dedication. I chose to use the flash card method, but i also chose to use the as a quiz style of preparation. I would carry dozens of cards, and quiz myself in a steady and uncontrollable situation ( such as waiting in lone or riding the bus.)

I have also learned that studying the same material in the same format can create the illusion of mastery. There is a website called codecademy.com, which is a online community teaching for more diverse ways to approach problem. Sometimes i would use what I learned from codecademy in my flashcards.

Overall I am trying my best to take advantage of self- study. The more I see double looping, Binary Search, or debugging the more I can recognize it. I practice this method two weeks before a test, because I understand that everyone is different and sometimes you need a little time to understand something your way. Understanding something a different way can sometimes not only help you but also someone else in the long-run.


For my self-directed portion I chose to listen to music as I study.

This is all music I bough from iTunes this month alone.


This exercise is similar to the process that was shown before. I made flashcards, but instead now I listen to music while I study them. Iwould mainly review a section and only make flashcards on what i felt i needed to work on. In the book "Brain Rules" John Medina emphasizes how important it is to be as elaborate and repetitive as possible and be elaborate when doing so. When i would create flashcards I would only select 20 and they all would be diverse. Two may be definition while ten of them were actual problems. The other eight may have been just simple reminders. These problems already included the generic memorizations that we were required ignored to pass the test, and implied them in actual use. I thought that if I listen to a song while I studied a certain material, and sang the song in my head while i was being tested on that particular material, then it would come to me.

more flashcards i would study with alone.

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