Gender Inequality By Myles CUmmings

Gender bias is a huge problem in America for women and all over the globe, especially places like India and Africa. Gender Inequality causes an unfair wage gap between men and women. It also makes women have to work harder to get the recognition that men do. Gender Inequality is just not a major problem for women, but also men.

Men and women are both targeted by gender inequality but, everyone deserves a fair chance. According to the Institute For Women's Policy Research (IWPR) the difference between a man and a woman's wage gap is 20% (IWPR). The IWPR states a women makes 80 cent for every $1 a male makes.

It could be argued that Americans have bad gender inequality a lot better that other countries. According to the Foundation for sustainable development 54% of India women are as literate compared to 76% of men in India. Women in India received little schooling and suffer from unfair and biased inheritance and divorce laws. The unfair laws prevent women from accumulating financial assets, making it difficult for women to establish their own security and autonomy.

For men gender inequality is still an issue just as much as it is for women. Men benefit from gender inequality as they too face gender specific issues such as lower life expectancy, bad health, lower education levels and rigid gender norms. Men grow up expected to be polite gentlemen. They are told that they should be strong, males are expected to be more athletic and work harder labored jobs.


Created with images by Office for National Statistics - "Inequality in the provision of unpaid care" • inclusivesecurity - "Phyu Phyu May Sabe"

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