My Idea Bucket List By Mallory coleman

1.) Go on a ghost tour.

All over the world their are many ghost tours and places that are known for being haunted. I would like to travel to one of the most haunted town/city with a friend of course and spend the night there. I have always been interested in ghosts and such so this would be very cool for me. I also strongly believe in all it.

Haunted Destination: sedamsville rectory

I would like to take this Ghost Tour because the description about it makes it sound exiting. "In the tiny Cincinnati neighborhood of Sedamsville lies the Sedamsville Rectory – one of 4 buildings that once belonged to the Our Lady of Perpetual Help church. This once-holy place of peace and rest, however, has been plagued by a violent, demonic spirit. The current owners of the rectory have experienced ice-cold breezes on boiling-hot days, overwhelming (and spontaneous) feelings of melancholy and have been scratched and shoved by unseen forces. The Ghost Adventures crew visited, and they asked a local priest to perform an exorcism in the historic building … but did it rid the rectory of dark spirits? This remains to be seen." (TravelChannel. "Worlds Spookiest Ghost Tours". Web.)

2.) See a psychic medium.

I have always really wanted to see a Psychic because my mom side of the family believes in this stuff and I have heard some cool stories about my grandfather and how he was sorta like a Psychic. I have heard stories from people who have spoke to a Psychic Medium and they said it helped them in a way, or helped them with their path of life in a way. I think it would be cool for someone to tell me about my future and I know they can't tell what will happen but they tell what you want to know. It would also be very cool to connect with some close ones that have passed and it would be interesting to experience. (BestPsychicDirectory. "Best PsychiciDirectory". Web.)

3.) Diving with dolphins.

Diving with Dolphins would be an amazing experience for me and I have always had a interested in them. I also think its wrong how people go to shows to see them in places that aren't their natural habitat. This is why I would go diving with them in the wild or places that are their natural habitat. Dolphins are amazing animals.

"Discover the magic of swimming with a pod of wild Atlantic spotted dolphins in their natural habitat. The shallow waters of the Bahamas provide an aquatic sanctuary where dolphins frolic and feed on a daily and nightly basis. Whether you’re watching the dolphins from the deck of the live aboard vessel or snorkeling among the pod, this life-changing experience is perfect for water enthusiasts of all levels. As we cruise over bright white sand, in water so clear it looks like a giant swimming pool, we see something in the distance that catches our eye. It’s the sleek gray body of a dolphin speeding towards us, jumping high out of the water. But wait, there are more – two, four, ten, we can’t count them all. They are coming to meet the boat and ride the pressure wave under the bow. We run to the bow and see them crisscrossing around each other, rolling over on their backs to have a look at us, looking down at them." (Scuba-Adventures.comTheOceanIsOurPlayground. "Wild Dolphins Encounters". Web.)

4.) Try the best known food from around the world.

Food is my favorite thing in the world and I have tried limited type and quality of food. This is why I would like to travel to the best known restaurants in the world. These many be very expensive but I think money is worth spending over something that may taste like something you have never had before. I also love food very much. The one top places I would like to eat is called "Osteria Francescana", which is in Italy. In the whole restaurant there are only twelve tables. ( "OsteriaFrancescana". Web.)

5.) Travel around the world.

I want to travel around the world because I haven't been to many places and I feel like there is so much I haven't seen or experience. I have also never been on a plane or train, or even a city bus. Therefore I think I need to get out there and start living life with some cool stories in it. I wouldn't travel by myself though, I would bring a friend along with me. ( "Multi-City Flight". Web.)

6.) Get a tattoo.

I have always wanted to get a tattoo but I have the fear in the back of my head that I will hate it afterwards because of the way I got taught growing up. I was always told that they were bad and such but I think they look cool. I also think tattoos are another way of showing who you are and a small story put into a piece of art printed onto your body. This is why I would get something related to myself. I want to get one on my side. Because some jobs don't let you show them. (YellowPages. "Tattoos Places in Toronto". Web.)

7.) Pay it forward.

I often see videos or posts on the internet of people giving a big act of kindness or as they call it "paying it forward". I would really like to pay it forward for someone who seems to be help of need or could need a good day. I feel like I should be helping out with the world and there are small things I can do to help make the world a little bit less bad as it may seems. (Payitforwardday. "Pay It Forward Day". Web.)

8.) Graduate College.

I would like to be able to graduate college and be able to make myself proud. Growing up I never felt smart enough and graduation college would be a big achievement in my life that I would look back on and know that I did something that not many people look too much into. I will also be going to school with my own money which can be hard and that's why I would feel so proud of myself. ( "Colleges". Web. )

9.) Have my own family.

I have always dreamed about having my own kids and just the idea of having a family that I created in a way is a big dream to me. I think it would make me very happy and would be something to make me feel whole. Of course I don't want one right now but I will when I'm order.

10.) Go night swimming/Skinny dipping.

I would really like to go swimming in a really fancy pool really late at night, and I think skinny dipping would be really but I'm not too sure. I watch a lot of movies where it shows it and swimming in the night where it's dark but the glowing lights look so pretty, and the stars. I also don't like swimming when the sun is supper bright so it would fit me well.

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