COVID-19 community archive

At the Matheson History Museum, we want to preserve your experiences. We are one of the primary organizations dedicated to Alachua County history. As we conduct research, we often wish that we had more photographs, narratives, and documentation from the past. Living through this historic event gives us all a unique opportunity to create and collect these primary sources for the future.

We are adding new submissions as they come in. Check out this page to see what's new!

Some people have submitted written narratives of their COVID-19 experiences. Explore them here.

Explore some of the creative ways people are reacting to COVID-19.

How have people come together while being apart?

How are the places we share changed by the pandemic?

Explore some of the protective measures being used in Alachua County

Thank you to everyone who has shared their stories. This project would not be possible without your help. If you would like to contribute your experiences, please email Kaitlyn Hof-Mahoney at curator@mathesonmuseum.org.