How to Make an Elegant, Classic Crème Brûlée SAT, 21 MAR . SUN, 19 APR ・ 2PM - 5PM

Come join us as we learn how to make

a crème brûlée with a lacy, sheet-thin, crackly, and caramelized top

We've distilled the wisdom and technique from three culinary greats: Anthony Bourdain, Julia Child, and Dorie Greenspan

We think you'd really like it, just as our friends do — and our guests at Supper Club Viv!

Learn some French as well . . .

like "brûlée," "bain marie," and that important kitchen word,

mise en place

And learn . . .

how not to "burn" your egg yolks

the principle of tempering

the secret behind a smooth, silky, and tender custard

Crème B. Quiz

How should you whisk your yolks?

A. Till you arrive at a "ribbon" stage

B. Till it's light, fluffy, and airy

C. Till it's well-blended, but not airy

viv will give you the answer

and she'll show you how and why


our very own technique word

sexy-brûlée (verb)


viv will show you how to train your fire

Want to know

not just how to make a crème brûlée

but how to be a more intelligent baker?

viv will share . . .

practical kitchen skills + vital pastry techniques

"I focus on techniques rather than the recipes because the technique is the most important part of the recipe."

Thomas Keller

viv would like to welcome you to her home . . .

Sat | 21 Mar 2020 | 2PM to 5PM

a basic level masterclass


other takeaways: choice of sugar, ideal ramekins, infusing flavors, setting up a dependable bain marie


a spiral-bound recipe printed on hardy 120gsm paper, capturing a step-by-step workflow, a mise en place guide, an equipment checklist — all prefaced by a personal reflection, Brûlée, Burnt, Beautiful


a "sexy-brûlée" hands-on


a bonus recipe


Mastering the Ultra-Light, Eggless Mousse, Inspired by Dominique Ansel

Learn how to whip cream successfully all the time, and how to temper melted chocolate into whipped cream, and other fancy, pretty stuff

☕️ TEA

rooibos tea w/ our crème brûlée + a kiss of mousse

$98 per guest | five students per class

11 toh tuck road . 596290

Two classic pastry recipes in one class: Crème Brûlée and Mousse au Chocolat

bake club viv

our other class


viv is a pastry chef, a cook, and a writer with a weakness for pots and pans, and a soft spot for cookbooks, fine cutlery, and cool crockery

instagram: @vivienneyeomy web: @suckerforbutter

we look forward to sharing our skills, techniques, and insight with you

Created By
Vivienne Yeo


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